Another ‘New to Me’ Oracle Support Feature

I seem to be spending a lot of time in My Oracle Support (MOS) recently, and I’m going to say this is due to the vast quantity of helpful information contained therein, not because everything I touch has broken for past three months.  It has been an opportunity to explore some MOS functionality.  One nice feature I hadn’t seen before is the configurable ‘Hot Topics’ email, which provides a great way to keep up to date with new support information.

The material available includes updates to:

  • SRs – though unless you’re an administrator at a large corporate, you hopefully don’t have so many of those on the go that you’d need a daily email
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Alerts
  • Bugs
  • Product News
  • Desupport Notice
  • Field Action Bulletins (which sound like something Douglas Haig would read, but apparently relates to hardware)

Setup is fairly self-explanatory; once logged in to MOS, select the ‘Settings’ tab and then ‘Hot Topics E-Mail’ from the selections under ‘Personal’ in the menu to the left:

Hot Topic Setup

Hot Topics setup

You can choose which types of content you want to receive, how many items in each category, and limit the content to specific product and platform combinations.  I set mine up earlier this week to include Essbase, Smart View and Planning (just for starters).  And that’s it: Once activated, you will receive one ‘Hot Topics’ email every day.

Here’s a partial snapshot of yesterday’s email – the updates to knowledge articles are (in my opinion) the really interesting pieces, although the bugs section has also thrown up some interesting snippets:

Sample Hot Topic Content

Sample Hot Topic content

Combined with a mailbox rule to redirect to a particular folder (so they don’t clutter up my inbox if I don’t get to them for a while, or – ha ha – take a vacation without checking email) I think this is a useful and easily digestible way to catch a lot new information that might otherwise be missed.  And all without having to log in to MOS, which I may not do quite so frequently when I don’t have active SRs.

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