Firing Up with John A. Booth’s Amazon Image

Update 9th October, 2015

John has decided to remove the Amazon Image discussed in this post because of Oracle licensing concerns. This post remains for reference and may still be of use with respect to opening an AWS account etc., but without the AMI it is not possible to follow the full process to set up an EPM environment.

Busman’s Holiday

I haven’t posted to this blog for six weeks or so, because most of my free time has been taken up with a slightly different Essbase project: I’ve been writing a chapter (and co-writing another) for volume two of ‘Developing Essbase Applications’. It has been a great, if intense, experience and the book is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the first volume with a combination of new and returning authors. The print version will be available later this year. Follow a Twitter search on the hashtag #DevelopingEssbase or check back here for more updates! is Here

Oracle EPM appeared for download on OTN earlier this week. The arrival of a new EPM version is always exciting, with a flurry of social media activity as people install and test it (my initial observations were posted on the Qubix blog). The testing is the fun part, but the prospect of a from-scratch install never fills me with joy. Fortunately for me John A. Booth has already done the hard work, and released a Metavero AMI (Amazon Machine Image – essentially, a virtual machine snapshot from which any number of identical instances can be spun up on Amazon Web Services). Thanks John! In this post I’m going to explain how to make use of the AMI.

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