Kscope14 Essbase Deep Dive – Your Questions Needed

The final day of Kscope this year sees a change in format from ‘regular’ presentation slots to Thursday Deep Dives –  two-hour sessions which all do something a little different to the norm, and are well worth sticking around for.

There will be nine Deep Dive sessions in all, but it’s probably not a surprise to learn that the Essbase Deep Dive is the one I’m most excited about.  The session will take the form of a panel discussion, with a twist – attendees can submit their questions in advance, and the panel will get some thinking time ahead of the session (rather than having to answer every question off-the-cuff).

What I hope will really enthuse you about this session, however, is the make-up of the panel itself.  In alphabetical order…

  • Carol Crider – Senior Technical Support Specialist, Oracle
  • Steve Liebermensch – Essbase Product Manager, Oracle
  • Mark Rittman – Ace Director, Rittman Mead
  • Glenn Schwartzberg – Ace Director, InterRel Consulting
  • Tim Tow – Ace Director, Applied OLAP
  • Sarah Zumbrum – Ace Associate, Finit Solutions

Quite a line-up, to put it mildly.  This is an excellent opportunity to get an authoritative answer on anything you’d like to ask about Essbase, from the leading experts both inside and outside Oracle.  Just for example:

  • API Programming
  • ASO
  • BI Integration
  • BSO
  • Exalytics
  • Hybrid
  • Infrastructure
  • Integration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Product Direction and New Features
  • Platform / OS Issues
  • Reporting Tools
  • Smart View
  • Studio
  • Supporting Essbase
  • Anything else…

Your questions can be submitted in a couple of ways.  First, by tweeting with the hashtag #EssbaseDeepDive, or at @CubeCoderDotCom (throwing in the #Kscope14 hashtag will help others to see your question, too).  Alternatively, by email to EssbaseDeepDive@gmail.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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